Ramadhan Set B


Enak dinikmat ketika berbuka puasa dan bersahur, jom makan-makan dengan sekeluarga
Perfect for Sahur or Iftar, the lovely bakery items are perfect choice for you alone or with your family
Set B Tasty List
Portuguese Egg Tart 3 pieces
Kek Viral – Japanese Cheese Cake 1 round
Shell Curry Puff 6 pieces
Red Velvet Cake 1 pack
SCH Signature Butter French Croissant 10 pieces
Jumbo Puff Sardine 1 piece

All item are freshly baked, and freeze immediately to attain to attain freshness and allowing you to enjoy some shelf life and easy storage

For the Pastry, you just need to heat up for few minutes, then is ready to enjoy

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